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Senator George Young Endorses Grant For House District 99

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Better, Together

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GRANT Endorsed by 
Run For Something (RFS) 
Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 99

New Year, New Trailblazers!!! Run for Something (RFS) today unveiled our first wave of endorsements of the new year, featuring a dynamic group of 60 candidates, including 16 alumni, hailing from 21 states across the nation. These inspiring leaders are running for crucial elected roles in state legislatures, municipal offices, and education positions dedicated to safeguarding reproductive freedoms, combating unwarranted book bans, ensuring equitable access to the ballot, and so much more.



Take Part in Something Great


Putting My Experience
to Work

I believe in an economy and communities that are continuously growing, equitable, and sustainable. I have a proven track record of success in economic and workforce development. I know what it takes to create an economy that works for everyone. I will fight for policies that invest in our economy, infrastructure, and education. I will fight to attract new businesses, retain the businesses we have and help expand our current commercial footprint. 

Attracting new businesses: During my tenure with the Greater OKC Chamber, my team helped to attract over 30 new businesses and created thousands of jobs within a 10 county region by providing businesses with incentives such as the, Oklahoma City’s Strategic Investment program (SIP), the Downtown OKC Business Improvement district (BID) and the Oklahoma Quality Jobs Program. These programs work to promote the community's assets, such as its workforce, infrastructure, and quality of life. 

Retaining existing businesses: I've worked with over 150 existing businesses a year to retain their business in the community and provide them with support and resources to create jobs, invest into their facilities, machinery, and equipment. I have also worked to address any challenge that businesses may be facing, such as regulatory compliance or access to capital.

Promoting entrepreneurship: I work to create an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurship, such as by providing access to capital and access to possible partners to help in areas such as logistics, and business to business transactions. 

Workforce Development: I work to help to promote equity by providing opportunities for workers from all backgrounds to develop the skills they need to succeed. I work with policies such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and create programs such as the Impact Partnership Grant, a $2.1M project that is industry led to to assist Oklahoma in workforce development. I believe a well-developed workforce can help to reduce unemployment and underemployment, and can also help workers to move up the career ladder. A skilled workforce is essential for a strong economy. By helping workers to develop the skills they need, workforce development can help to boost productivity and innovation.



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