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A Brittane Grant Initiative- Affordable Housing Part III/ Resources

  Affordable housing is important for various reasons impacting the individual as well as the economy.

  • Stability and well-being: Affordable housing provides a safe and secure foundation for families. This stability improves children's educational outcomes and overall health by reducing stress and improving living conditions.

  • Economic opportunity: When housing costs are high, families have less money to spend on other necessities like food and healthcare. Affordable housing frees up these resources, allowing families to invest in their futures and contribute more to the local economy.

  • Workforce strength: Businesses need a diverse range of workers at various income levels. Affordable housing options ensure that people can live near their jobs, reducing commutes and attracting a wider talent pool.

  • Thriving communities: Affordable housing helps maintain a mix of incomes within a community, fostering diversity and vibrancy. It prevents displacement due to gentrification and allows people to stay rooted in their neighborhoods.

  • Economic growth: Studies show that a lack of affordable housing hinders economic growth. By contrast, investments in affordable housing create jobs, generate tax revenue, and boost overall productivity.


OHFA Homeowners Site:

Contact: Valenthia Doolin, Homeownership Director 405.203.9624

Northeast OKC Downpayment Homebuyers Program:

DeAndre Martin

Chad Tyler, CPA


Real Estate Services: 

Kimberly Robbins

Phone: 405.249.1735

Office: 405.985.3705

Kapri Clytus, Realtor


Lacretia Mitchell

Real Estate Broker & Owner

Cell: 405.856.3534

Office: 405.900.5248

Chase Bank- Home Lending

Kirk Jones- Senior Home Lending Advisor


NMLS ID: 1077792

True Sky Federal Credit Union

Danielle Parker

Branch Manager- NorthEast

405.682.1900 ext 1463

Tiffany Hightower

VP of Mortgage Lending


918.289.4985 Cell

Roberta Pendarvis



HWC Systems

Pavement & Services

Edwin Miles/Project Manager

972.247.1354 Office

405.414.0120 Cell Phones

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Affordable Housing Forum Part I:

Affordable Housing Forum Part II:

Affordable Housing Forum Part III:

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